30 Days of Gut Friendly Meals

30 Days Of Main Meals

Make life easy for yourself and have a months worth of Gut friendly recipes ready for you to use alone or along side the gut reset programme. 

All tried and tested, Using ingredients from the permmited food list used during the gut reset programme.

Help your gut and save time by using these tasty easy to cook recipes for just £30

PLUS FREE BONUS get Lunch and snack ideas included.

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Bonus Healthy Lunch Ideas

Don't know what to have for lunch. The recipe collection includes ideas for easy to put together lunches that you can mix and match depending on taste and how much you like to eat at lunchtime.

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Bonus Gut Friendly Snacks

Snacks are most peoples downfall, even "healthy" snacks often contain too much sugar or grains that are avoided during the gut reset programme. Included on the collection are some sweet and savoury gut friendly snack ideas.

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PLUS FREE BONUS snack ideas included