Unleashing Your Inner Fire: An About Me Unlike Any Other:

Who knew a book could be a passport? That's what happened to me, Emma, in my twenties. "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" and "You Can Heal Your Life" cracked open a world of possibility, leading me on a solo adventure from Asia to Australia. Talk about self-discovery! This wasn't just a trip, it was a transformation.

But life throws curveballs. When illness hit, I faced a new kind of journey – healing from within. Food and a positive mindset became my secret weapons, and guess what? They worked! This experience ignited a passion to help other women become their own wellness warriors.

Here's the thing: I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why I bring my whole vibrant tapestry of experience to the table. Arts background? Check. Nutritional therapy? Absolutely. Even a sprinkle of Samba magic (because let's face it, confidence through movement is a game-changer!)

For over 18 years, Samba was my happy place. I led workshops, ignited the confidence of countless women, and even led the Olympic torch parade in my town! But as I delved deeper, I realized some needed more than just a killer dance move. That's when I trained as an emotional coach, helping them release past hurts and step into their full potential.

My workshops are havens for women seeking transformation. Whether it's a group session or a one-on-one deep dive, I create a safe space to tackle those pesky roadblocks holding you back.

Fast forward to today, and I'm living my dream in Cornwall. Daily coastal walks with my furry companion (complete with stunning photos for your feed, of course!) fuel my soul. And guess what I whip up along the way? Delicious, gut-friendly meals are a cornerstone of my nutritional coaching.

Did I mention I'm a skincare fanatic too? (Think toxin-free, Neal's Yard Remedies devotee since 2012!) Because let's be honest, what we put on our bodies matters just as much as what goes in.

Looking for a coach who champions your inner and outer well-being? You've found her! I'm constantly learning, having just aced "Confidence With Menopause and HRT." Why? Because self-care is key, and I want to be the best guide for you on this incredible journey.

Oh, and there's She's Got Guts®! My Facebook community is a haven for like-minded women seeking support and a healthy dose of inspiration. Come join us – let's get to know each other and unleash those inner fires together. 

Founder of She's Got Guts® I continue to grow the group I started on  Facebook as a community of like-minded souls who want to improve their overall well-being in a supportive environment. Come and join me so we can get to know each other better. 

"When we are truly free to express ourselves, we feel the joy within us and others see us shine, That is what I want for you"

Emma Skilton 2023

My Qualifications

Certified Women's Coach

ICF accredited. As a certified coach with One Of Many® I am licensed to use all the additional coaching tools they offer to empower women to live the life they aspire to. 

Nutritional Therapist DIP5

As a nutritional therapist I am qualified to help people follow a healthier diet and recomend supplements to improve health and wellbeing. My passion for improving the gut microbiome is at the heart of my practice.

The Science Of Wellbeing

Awarded from Yale University in 2020 this CPD course qulified me in the understanding of scientifically researched practices that can lead us to greater wellbeing and happiness.

Emotional Coaching

In 2015 I gained this qualification in NLP and Hypnotherapy that is used to release trapped emotion connected to past trauma.

Exercise To Music OCR2

Since 2004 I have been teaching samba dance and fitness classes to all ages from primary school to over 90 years old. The addition of a chair based qualification has allowed less able bodied adults to exercise and keep fitter into old age. 

Printed Textiles BA hons

My backgorund in design has stayed with me, from selling designs around the world to painting and having my own exhibitions. I used my skills designing and making samba costumes, hand bags and more recently  designing and buiding my own house.