About Me...

My journey of self development and coaching started in my twenties. Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway was the first book I remember reading. Then later, You Can Heal Your Life. Both books opened my eyes to a different way of looking at myself and my life. These books gave me the courage to travel alone through Asia to Australia, then later helped me heal myself after an extended illness through diet and a positive mindset.

By combining many years of coaching groups of women and then one to one clients with bespoke coaching, I am making use of my arts background, nutritional therapy, samba dance teaching, holistic therapy and One Of Many coaching tools. I believe that a holistic approach to coaching brings great benefits

From 2000 until 2016 Samba dance was a huge part of my life. I used exercise and samba dance to boost the confidence of the women in my workshops and together we performed at hundreds of events over the years. One highlight for me during this time was to have the honour of leading the Olympic torch when it came through my City. 

Around this time I realised that some of the participants  needed more than exercise to support their mental health. This led me to train as an emotional coach, a method that releases trapped emotion connected to past trauma in a gentle safe way. 

I love teaching workshops with the focus around wellbeing and self development. As part of this process I ran Artist Way workshops for four years and I could see how by providing  a safe space for women they could really face areas of their lives that had been holding them back and find ways to overcome those barriers.

Since 2020 I have focused more on one to one coaching and this has been where I can really help clients make life changing progress in the areas of their lives that they want to improve. Taking a holistic appraoch to my clients needs is an important part of my coaching ethos.



My Qualifications

Certified Women's Coach

ICF accredited. As a certified coach with One Of Many I am liscensed to use all the tools they offer to empower women to live the life they aspire to. 

Nutritional Therapist DIP5

As a nutritional therapist I am qualified to help people follow a healthier diet and recomend supplements to improve health and wellbeing. My passion for improving the gut microbiome is at the heart of my practice.

The Science Of Wellbeing

Awarded from Yale University in 2020 this CPD course qulified me in the understanding of scientifically researched practices that can lead us to greater wellbeing and happiness.

Emotional Coaching

In 2015 I gained this qualification in NLP and Hypnotherapy that is used to release trapped emotion connected to past trauma.

Exercise To Music OCR2

Since 2004 I have been teaching samba dance and fitness classes to all ages from primary school to over 90 years old. The addition of a chair based qualification has allowed less able bodied adults to exercise and keep fitter into old age. 

Printed Textiles BA hons

My backgorund in design has stayed with me, from selling designs around the world to painting and having my own exhibitions. I used my skills designing and making samba costumes, hand bags and more recently  desigining and buiding my own house.