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She’s Got Guts® 21-Day Gut-Friendly Diet Transition Program!

Starting on Monday 18th September you will receive a daily email guiding you through each day of the 21-day program. Save [email protected] into your trusted email list so you are less likely to have to search for daily lessons. 

Please come and join me in the Facebook group set up to support you and your fellow participants. This will be the main place to share and learn with each other. I will be coming into the group every day to answer your questions and you can join regular live chats too. 

Remember this is the beginning of your journey and everyone will be at different stages of their gut health progress. Expect to have some great days and maybe some tough days as your body adjusts.

While you are waiting to start the course think about some ways you can make these next 21 days easier.

  1. Finish or hide all sugary snacks including sugar-free versions
  2. Stock up on a variety of fresh and frozen ( yes frozen is OK) fruit and vegetables
  3. Replace any white rice, pasta, or bread with whole-grain alternatives
  4. Buy a selection of unsalted nuts and seeds to add to recipes
  5. Have quality virgin olive oil available and only use this oil during the 21 days  
  6. Find space in your diary for 20 minutes each day of self care time 


I am really excited to have you on this course and I am looking forward to getting to know you more over the coming weeks

Any questions please email [email protected]