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I use exercise, emotional coaching and nutritional therapy to help you gain optimum health. 

My varied background that includes my own self development journey from the age of 22, when I discovered the book "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway" this spurred me on to travel alone through Asia to Australia then later,  "You Can Heal Your Life" and "The Artists Way" All had a profound effect on how I viewed myself and my life


I started my career as a textile designer and fine asrtist spanning over 10 years. It was after having my first child that I became increasingly interested in how diet, excercise and what we use on our skin effects us greatly.

This path has led me to follow many training courses since my Arts degree. These include, OCR level 2 Exercise To Music, FABS chair based exercise, Oriental Hand And Face Massage, Holistic Facial, Crystal Facial, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Nutritional Therapy Level 5 and the Science Of Wellbeing Certification with Yale University. 

I have been teaching dance and fitness to adults and children since 2005 and know the value of encouraging people to get active. I moved to teaching online classes at the start of 2020 and have clients joining each week from all over the world.

My passion is Brazilian Samba dance and I performed for many years. I now offer total body fitness classes for over 50’s and less able bodied participants. Keeping fit into old age is a passion of mine and dance is still at the heart of what I offer. 

Emotional Coaching is a gentle and powerful addition to my tool box. Since 2014 I have helped clients to release limiting beliefs and let go of unhelpful emotions linked to past trauma. By working one to one with clients I have helped them overcome eating disorders, trauma from past events and even phobias. The beauty of this type of technique is that clients don’t have to keep re-visiting the painful events. They are working with the emotions connected to them and releasing them.

I am passionate about reducing our toxic load, not only for our planet but also by using skincare products that are kinder for us and the environment. As someone that does not react well to synthetic ingredients I use and promote organic skincare. I have worked as an independent consultant with Neal's Yard Remedies for many years educating people about the benefits of using organic and ethical products. This is an important aspect of my work. What we put on our body is as important as what we put in our body.

 Check out my gut friendly recipes, tips for greater wellbeing and happiness and organic skincare treatments.


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  1. Gut Friendly Salads To Support You Through a Gut Reset Programme. 

    Welcome to this page where you will find a collection of salads perfect to eat when following my 21 day gut reset programme. It is helpful to eat a variaety of different coloured vegetables ad fruit. Here I have shared a few of my favourites. 

    Of course you don’t need to be following the programme to enjoy eating healthy gut friendly food.

    For the purpose of these salad ideas the ingredients are all taken from a strict list of foods that are recommended for the gut reset programmes I run. They are all grain free and omit starchy vegetables. You are free to adapt the recipes to your own taste and add or remove ingredients to your taste.

    If you have a very sensitive gut that needs healing some of the vegetables can be steamed until al dente then cooled to make them easier to digest. Where possible use everything in its raw state. 

    It is possible to adapt the recipes to your own taste and where meat or fish are included these can be replaced with tofu or tempeh as a protein source. 

    I have purposely been relaxed about the specific amounts of each ingredient used in the salads as I want you to experiment with different ratios that your palate will enjoy. 

    In terms of dressing and flavourings You can use any herb or spice to add flavour . No sugar or sugar alternatives are permitted. 

    Great ingredients for dressings are tahini, live organic natural yoghurt, Lemon juice, olive oil, sour cream or apple cider vinegar. 

    Enjoy exploring and making these recipes, let me know your favourites.

    Bean and Courgette Salad.

    bean and courgette salad

    This salad has a lovely texture and best served at room temperature. Ideal eaten alone or with a handful of young leaf salad and a protein of your choice. Adjust the quantities of ingredients to suite your taste.


    Ingredients: serves 2

    1 courgette raw, chopped into bite size pieces

    8 Cherry tomatos quartered

    10 Black olives sliced

    1/2 red pepper, finely chopped 

    1/2 carton of drained and rinsed butter beans. ( you can use any bean)

    1 small Red onion, finely chopped

    a sprig of fresh mintm approx 2 tablespoons


    Choice of dressings.

    Either simple olive oil and lemon juice to taste seasoned with salt and pepper


    Mix live natural yoghurt with a small amount of minced garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice and drizzle over this salad.



    Beetroot and Radish Salad

    beetroot and radish salad



    This is a lovely summer salad eaten alone or as a side dish to a protein of your choice.

    Ingredients: 1 serving

    3 Radishes quartered

    2 cm of cucumber diced

    1 handful of baby salad leaves, here I have spinach

    1/2 cup of raw beetroot battons

    Parmesan shavings, you choose how generous (feta could also be used)


    Tablespoon of sour cream and a squeeze of lemon juice

    Season with salt and pepper





    Beetroot Hummus With Cucumber Slices


    beetroot hummus and cucumber0

    This makes a great salad snack or light lunch. Have fun with different flavours of hummus.


    Ingredients: serves 1

    6 Cucumber slices approx 4 mm thick

    2 tabelspoons of crumbled feta cheese

    6 teaspoons of Beetroot hummus

    1/2 handful of baby salad leaves 

    Tablespoon of mixed seeds.

    Layer cheese then hummus onto the cucumber disks then sprinkle with mixed seeds.

    Seeds here are pumpkin, sunflower, hemp and flax seeds. A great omega mix. 



    Chicken And Asparagus Salad

    chicken and asparagus


     This is a super tasty salad to make during the asparagus season

    Ingredients: serves 2

    1 cup of Cold roasted chicken. I like to use left overs from a bird cooked the day before. Any chilled chicken can be used though.

    2 handfuls of Baby salad leaves

    4 spring onions, slice the white parts and the tender green stem

    1 medium Avocado

    6 stems of asparagus steamed until al dente

    6 baby tomatoes quartered

    3 grilled artichokes chopped up. These are available in jars or at the deli section

    Dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper

    For a bit more luxury drizzle sour cream over the salad.

    Chop all the ingredients into bite size pieces and serve.



    Edemame And Toasted Seeds Salad


    edemame and toased seeds salad

    Ingredients: serves 1

    Handful of Lambs lettuce

    1/4 cup of Edamame beans, steamed and cooled

    3 stems of asparagus, steamed until al dente

    Approx 2 cm of cucumber chopped

    1 tablespoon of toasted Omega Seeds blend

    1 serving of red pepper hummus

    Sour cream or creme fraiche

    Lemon juice to taste.

    Arrange the ingredients around the plate starting with a bed of lambs lettuce. Top with the seeds and blobs of sour cream.



    Feta And Walnut Salad 

    feta and walnut salad


    Ingredients: serves 2

    1 whole roasted red pepper, skin removed, (these can be from a jar or roast your own)

    1/2 block of greek feta cheese thinly sliced

    1 small handful of walnuts, chopped 

    1 medium carrot grated

    4 cms of cucumber diced

    2 handfuls of Salad leaves


    Mix the vegetables together then top with the feta and walnuts.

    Dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


    Greek Style Salad


    greek style salad


    A classic salad goes well on its own or with fish.   

    Ingredients: serves 1

    1 handful Lambs lettuce and baby leaves

    1/4  yellow pepper sliced

    6 Black olives

    2 cm of cucumber cubed

    4 baby tomatoes halved

    N.B. if you like raw onion you can also add thin slices of red onion or a sweet white onion.

    Dress with oil and vinegar. measure 2 thirds oil to 1 third vinegar.


    Melon And Grated Vegetables 

    melon and carrot salad


     This is an unusual combination and super tasty. Have this when cantaloupe melons are in season. 


    Ingredients: serves 1

    1 slice Cantaloupe melon ( or honey dew) diced

    1/2 a carrot grated

    1/4 cup of yellow pepper grated

    1/4  cup of  Kohlrab grated

    1/2 a medium avocado chopped

    Mix the grated vegetables together. Season with black pepper.

    Add an equal amount of the melon, avocado and grated vegetables to the plate

    Dress with a seasoning of your choice.



    Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Salad

    smoked saolmon nd cucumer


    A classic combination for a tasty meal.

    Ingredients:serves 1

    2 Sugar free smoked salmon slices

    1/2 handful of Lambs lettuce

    1/2 handful of baby spinach

    Cucumber peeled and sliced

    Tomato quartered

    Fresh parsley chopped

    Sour cream

    Lemon juice

    Olive oil

    Arrange the leaves on a plate dress with olive oil and salt. Next place the other ingredients evenly around the space. 

    Finish with dollops of thick sour cream and sprinkle with fresh parsley. (Experiment with other herbs such as fresh dill or basil)



    If you would like to know more about the Gut Reset Programme and how to sign up for the next 21 days, take a look here plus book in for your free lifestyle analysis.